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      If you're here, you're listening to the music of Ray Lynch. (If you're not hearing it, just press the play button above.)

      Ray's music has enormous appeal across all spectrums of popular music. Without the benefit of live performances, without music videos, and without the trappings of "stardom", Ray’s 5 albums has still gone platinum (Deep Breakfast) selling well over two million albums, winning 3 BillboardAwards, and being used as variously as the Olympics, theme music in popular video games (like Grand Theft Auto IV), film and TV for Napoleon Dynamite, Gentlemen Broncos, PBS documentaries, ESPN sports, as well as ballet and dance companies performing his original music. This is merely a short list of Ray's accomplishments.

      Somewhere on our Online Music Library page, we're sure that you, as a lover of music, will find the perfect Ray Lynch compositions for your special project needs, be they film, television, documentaries, DVD's, educational projects, etc. And the best part is we offer a fast turnaround time because we own the Copyrights, Master and Publishing rights.


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     No need to experience untimely delays tracking down the composer, the publisher, the musicians, or the record labels to grant rights.

We offer a Quick & Uncomplicated Turnaround Time

•    We own the Copyrights

•    We own the Master Rights

•    We own the Publishing Rights

     Feedback on Ray Lynch's music from an audience with a broad demographic range can be found in the Guestbook or Favorite Letters sections of our website.

     In our Music Library, you can listen to 60-second music clips that provide a wide range of exceptional music for Film, Television Programming, Documentaries, Television and Radio Commercials, Advertising projects, DVD/Videos, Compilation CD's, Corporate and Educational projects, Websites, and other multi-media projects.

All legal contracts/agreements are advised
and reviewed by Ned Hearn,
our Legal Counsel of twenty-two years.


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